Several questions about Mudbox/ZBrush


Several questions about Mudbox from a complete beginner in 3D.
(I mention it further as Mudbox/Zbrush, because, as I understood by topics on different forums, the purpose and functionality of this software is almost identical.)

  1. Is it possible to perform the whole process of modeling inside Mudbox/Zbrush software, and use Maya/3dsmax only for subsequent rigging/animation?
  2. Am I correct that Mudbox/Zbrush allow to perform modeling on so-called “high level” with simplifying a lot of routine tasks, and Maya/3dsmax allow to do modeling on a “very low level”?
  3. Can you show me examples of artworks, for which you would highly recommend me to use Mudbox/Zbrush instead of doing all in Maya/3dsmax?


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