Several Methods To Render CGI Projects


Hi guys,
I want to share some types of rendering methods that are widely used by artists and studios. If there’s any info below is lacking or incorrect, please feel free to comment and discuss and don’t be so harsh. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Render with the personal computer:
you will use your own computer to render your projects. A high configured computer is a must-have to render. You totally control your progress and, but sometimes it’s not easy when there are heavy projects and the deadlines are real close.
Render with the built-in farm: You will make an investment in buying machines to build your own render farm of about 20-30 computers. This could be a huge investment beforehand and requires good technical knowledge and skills to set up and maintain the system. However, again, you completely control your projects, keep your data private, and it is perfect for your personal projects without tight deadlines.
Render with distributed render farm: you will join a network of a large number of computers from contributors all over the world to simultaneously speed up your rendering. Your projects could be rendered by others’machines and vice versa. There’s no privacy here.
Render with online render farm: you can get access to an online render farm anywhere and anytime you want if your internet connection is stable. The render farm can provide you a cluster of thousands of high-performance computers dedicated to rendering CGI projects, to make sure your projects will be rendered at the highest speed possible
Remote work station: You can rent CPU/GPU machines and then set up, configure by yourself do your own work as you want.

Are there any other ways you are using to render? Leave a comment to tell me know what they are and how you think about it.