Setting up for Animation


Hey guys, I was looking through the sticky and kept coming across links on how to animate. I’m running low on time right now, so I can’t go through every link. Does any1 have any information on what to keep in mind when modeling a character for animation. I’ve noticed that everybody seems to have the character’s arms out. Why do they do that? Is that for texturing purposes or does it solve issues when animating? How should I divide the character? How do I make use of layers? How should pieces be joined? etc… I’m using rhino right now, but I’m transitioning to wings to learn polys, until I get maya.


I hope this doesn’t sound like i’m dismissing you, but there is an awful lot of information already around on what you’re asking, and you are indeed asking a lot.

If you don’t have time to go through every link, then i doubt you’ll be able to develop the skills you are looking for. Again, i’m not trying to sound condescending at all, but it will take a lot of research, practice and patience to learn what you are asking. No one is going to handhold you. Do searches, read tutorials, try them out, you’ll get much further than you would if someone spoonfeeds you.

Best of luck,




I ran out of time on that day. I’m working on getting an internet connection at home. It’s not easy being that I move around alot.
I have plenty of time to model. on avg I get about 5-6 hours a night…every night. Sometimes I get to model all day!

I see what your talking about though…I see alot of people who do exactly what your thinking I was doing.

Patience and the will to practice is something I have an awful lot of when it comes to 3d.
The internet cafe’s connection was sllooooooowwwwwww, and money is not something I need to be blowin at internet cafe’s all day when I can barely get a page to load.

The connection is good today, so I’ll be fine.

I was just hoping that when I got back, that maybe some1 left a link to directly what I was looking for.


I went through the links on the sticky, and see that half of them are for cartoon animation, which don’t explain anything about the “eural” thing.(excuse my ignorance)
The rest are about animating…after the character is done. I did find a link to a book that will explain what im looking for. Ill see If I can find any websites that will give the same info for free before order it. :slight_smile:


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