setting up camera rotation



My apologies if my question sounds beginner or is in the wrong location but I am trying to set up a camera rotation of a character I modeled in maya. I have a camera set up on a nurbs circle motion path. In order to fit the entire character I have to place the nurbs circle around the torso but I find when I compare my camera with the front view camera it is lower but if I move it up to where the front view is I can’t seem to capture the entire character. If I rotate the camera down it does not seem to match. I would like to create a rotation on the same level as the front and side views.




Does anyone have any suggestions for a camera rotation? or how I could match the front and side camera views and also get a good 3/4 view that blends well between the front and side views?



Ok first off, Top, Side, and Front cameras have no perspective, it is a flat image and has no depth, and I am not 100% what you are trying to do really, if you want a rotation of your model, just spin your model, not the camera.

Also, maybe if you can throw up some screen grabs to show us.

[color=orange]EDIT_1: Some things I just rememberd about, in your perspective view you should have some options near the top, “View, Shading, lighting, Show, Panels” click View - Camera Settings - then Check “Resolution Gate” that will show you what maya will render. Altering your resolution in the render globals will alter the gate.[/color]



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