setting up a simple animatable character


i’m learning maya PLE and hoping to do the animation challenge this month if i have the time. in order to do so i’ll need to set up a simple rig to animate with which is where the hard part comes in :slight_smile:

what i’d like to do is just a character of polys/boxes linked together like other recent participants have done. all the reference i’ve found has to do with setting up skeletons and deforming character models, a lot more involved than i need at this point. does anyone know of any tutorials/references/etc. that could help me link up a simple character (ideally IK, but i suppose i can’t be too picky at this point) to animate? or am i missing the point and bones are the way to go? thanks for any info.



Bones are still the way to go. Just find a rigging tutorial that’ll give you the control you want. and then just ignore the skinning part and parent your blocks to the bones instead.

That site has a searchable database of Maya tutorials!


awesome, i’ll give it a shot, thanks :thumbsup:



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