Setting up a render farm?



I’m trying to set up a small render farm at work, with another two machines and also mine.

I’m using 3dsmax 2013 and the latest copy of backburner.

I currently have 3dsmax installed and working with backburner on my machine.

I now need to know the step to set it up with other machines? ie. Do I need to install 3dsmax and backburner on every machine (I assume so so that they all have the renderer) If this is the case do I have to have a new license for each machine. How do I link them, Just by computer name?

Any info on this would be so helpful.



yes, install both and you’ll use manager on your workstation and run server on the other nodes… you do not need a license on the nodes. They’ll communicate based on IP address…

here’s a simple guide:


Awesome thanks, When installing 3ds on one of the nodes though what product key should i use? just the same one? as the host?


No need to register 3dsmax on the rendernodes.


If you are thinking to setup multiple computers together and want to use one keyboard/mouse only I ll recommend you “input director” works awesome and its free.


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