setting environment variables for maya


hey everyone! i’m really new to this, please bear with me…i just got the new version of maya, but i need to (re)set the environment variable to the flexlm license file…but i don’t know where to find the environment variable for maya in order to change it…can someone help me with this? thanks in advance!


Which operating system are you using?


(Windows XP) Go to: Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environmental variable


Hi there, if u are on linux it depends on which shell you are using. Most commonly u will be using either bash or csh so it will be either using the export command or the setenv one.

By the way, for both versions (windows and linux) u can set those variables in the userSetup.mel file in the directory for maya settings (in windows it’s usually in the documents/maya folder, and in linux it is usually in /home/user/maya dir). By setting them there they will be set at runtime. Hope this helps.



i have windows xp…i tried finding the userSetup.mel but it doesn’t exist on my computer, at least not in the folder you suggested…i also tried creating an environment variable through control panel and that didn’t work as well :o(


userSetup.mel does not exist by default… you have to create it yourself.

you could also create a small batch file, that you place on your desktop, e.g. mayaStart.bat

in it you could write:

set MY_VARIABLE1=c: emp
set WhATEVER=\server\path\here
start maya

like that the variables only exist for maya and dont clutter your complete system…





I always thought the file userSetup.mel also got that system variables only during the maya session and if that was true there was really no need in setting a batch file but then again i’m not really sure, i run maya on linux and i always use shell scripts for starting apps, so i dunno how it works in windows.



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