Set property to non animatable


Is there a way to keep a property (say the box.height) from being animatable. I’m trying to avoid having inadvertent keys created on an object.



see the mxs help : Interface: LockedTracksMan


Hey Denis,

Does this allow the value to be changed? Such as it’s position and height. I want to keep the parameters active I just don’t want the user to be able to set keys.



you can do it only for parameters that you create. it means for your plugins only.


Hmm ok so maybe a callback is an option or creating a custom object. Bummer.


i don’t understand you question. But of course you can create your own object extending the one of built-in. And remap parameters making them not animatable.


I was just thinking out loud that maybe making a callback to intercept and block setting keys would work but extending an object or creating a new one is definitely better I think.