Set_Extension from Nuke to Maya


Hi, I am doing a project where I am trying to learn how to become better at “set extension.”

  1. I have captured this footage where I want to add futuristic elements to the scene.

  2. The compositing program is Nuke. I undistort the plate and used camera tracker and tracked it without changing the camera preferences and imported it into Maya.

  3. After importing the tracked information, camera and image plane I then build around it.

  4. The problems occur when I build a small wall on a small portion of the plate and when the plate pans from left to right. The CG wall doesn’t match the perspective because of the parallax as it pans.

  5. This is when I recall the days back in school is that it is wrong to resize the CG model and make it match the perspective of the plate. The texture would look translate.

How would you guys approach this?
Should I change the Maya camera focal length and go back into Nuke and re-track it with different camera settings.

I remember that If I was to do camera projection in Maya, then changing the camera length would be the right approach.

Any bits of advice will be appreciated.