Session 11 - Winners Announced!


Hi Everyone ,

Here are the winners for session 11 , thank you all for joining and frankly there are no losers in this session all of you did a great job. :thumbsup:

Without further wait:

Third Place: [b][color=White]Vitor Vilela

[/b][color=DarkOrange]Second Place: [b][color=White]Paul F. Diaz


[b][color=DarkOrange]First Place: [color=White]Awake!

[/color][/b][color=White]Congrats awake for getting the most of the votes and here is your trophy. You can display this on your website or anywhere else you like.


[/b]Thanks again for joining everyone! Hope to see you all in the next one.

Next session coming soon!



Congrats guys!

Wish I could predict football scores or horse-racing with the same accuracy I did here :wink:


congratulations everybody!!

excelent session :bounce:

I can’t wait for the next one :smiley:

Vitor Vilela



Thanks for the votes! This session was fun… and a lot of work.

Congratulations to everyone that finished. Finishing is the hardest part.

See you next time!


Congrats Awake and everyone! A lot of great work here.:thumbsup:

Another great Session!

Se ya on the next one.


Congratulations to all the partecipants and to the winners!
this has been my first session and I’m very happy to have partecipated.


Congrats to all that entered…I hope I can get into the next one…congrats to awake.:slight_smile:


congrats to all . very nice entries . I hope I can enter to the next session .


Next session starts february 1st.


Hi Sheep,

what’s about the next session?

Give us another great challenge - pleeaaase! :wip:



it’ll be announced tonight , sorry for the delay but i had to come up with a good idea first :slight_smile:


gently prods Sheep with a wet fish :deal:


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