seriously annoying image linking bug 0SX c4dr18


At least twice a day I find c4d just stops in it’s tracks when I am loading an image into a material. The OSX finder window opens in my usual column view, but when I click on the image, it displays the waiting clock icon and never generates a preview. This locks up c4d forcing a restart, and I need to trash my c4d prefs to get things working again.

It’s driving me slightly mad, any suggestions? OSX 10.12.1 c4d r18.057


Update to 12.6 for security reasons alone. See if that works.

Do you have other preview issues? I ask because I had them early last year. After some long back and forth with people in the know it appeared that utter crap software that ““helps”” you clean up your Mac threw more away then it should and with the bathwater some essential system files went out the window too. I did a combo update and that fixed my preview (and a whole lot of other issues).

Ps, back up everything before you do anything I’m not responsible if anything goes wrong. :slight_smile:



we were having problems at work with general slow behaviour of listing any files in the Finder - rebuilding the Locate Database with Onyx fixed it for us but that was 10.11 and it was general Finder slowness (listing/filling the contents of a folder in Finder or any app) rather than C4D alone


I would try without plugins and see if this happens again. I have never experienced this particular behaviour.
One thing I was told, recently, is that if you have an SSD and you get frequent Directory and OS related delays, it may be an indication that your SSD is dying…
Good luck


Oh, lol.
I have several seconds up to half a minute delay before an item from my desktop disappears in a folder/trash bin or a new made folder shows up. Couldn’t figure out what it was. Guess I’m the one needing to backup everything. Quickly.


I would suggest, as you pointed out correctly, backup everything first, and then run some utility that checks your disk.
Either way, always backup.
I am a backup hoarder. I have at least 2 daily backups, and sometimes 3. I can’t sleep until I have backed up all my daily work :slight_smile: