serious mental ray bug in maya 2011: ao+colorbleed stop FG bounces


man, i was all excited about this release of maya…but there seem to be so many bugs with the things i was most excited about. sigh


why don’t u work with autodesk to fix there problems?
it’ will be helpful for them :slight_smile:


Similar bug in 2009, having any Fluid container visible breaks FG… I wonder if they’re related?


sometimes i really wonder if the MR4Maya team at autodesk really exists?
dagon plz keep us posted about the solution!


i can confirm that the dll from 3ds max 2011 is working just fine, you can download the trial version and take it from there :thumbsup:


Thanks matteo for the confirmation. Good found! :thumbsup: At least we got a workaround for this unacceptable bug.

Jason H.


All the app: 3dsmax, Maya, Softimage and Mr Standalone, Share the same Dll, exactly the same!
all are identical!
Edit: If the Architecural.dll work fine in 3dsmax it should work with Maya and other, since it’s the same dll


it should, but it isnt :wink:


could someone upload the max .dll provided by the trial version?


Hi Dagon
if you have mr standalone, you can copy the Ray.exe from standalone to Maya bin folder, than just rename the Raye.exe to Render.exe


Agree with that, I cannot download the whole package in this days, could someone upload just that .dll provided with Max 2011?


P.s : Matteo puoi fare tu l’upload di quella dll? Grazie :slight_smile:


Nobody that kind :frowning:


I can offer… which .dll exactly is that?

Might take a couple of hours though.


I got it replaced. Up and working now… Is it ok to upload it ? I don’t want any problems with big bad guys haha :slight_smile:


I’m looking for “architecture.dll” from Max 2011 mentalray folder.
I don’t think there will be any problem for you guys if you post that file here because it could be freely dowloaded from the 30days trial.

I just got no time to download the whole package just for that .dll



3dsmax 2011 architectural.dll below… (delete .zip extension)


Thank you all.


Autodesk releases its first Hotfix for Maya 2011. Download it from the Autodesk website.

The Hotfix addresses these limitations:
[li]Maya crashes when navigating through menus on Mac 64‐bit.[/li][li]Viewport renderer plugins do not work[/li][li]mental images Material no longer respects refraction limit[/li][li]mental images Material Ambient Occlusion color bleed stops Final Gather bounces[/li][/ul]Note: please uninstall Maya 2011 before you proceed to the install of Maya 2011 Hotfix 1.

For a complete rundown of what’s new in Maya 2011, please read this post.


Unbelievable! Do they beta test before they release it at the first place?!


finally :slight_smile: