Sequenced flashing lights in Max9


Well, to the point, on my current WIP of a Marines Assault carrierHeracles I need to setup a sequence of flashing lights as per a running light on a runway for instance.

Do any of you guys have a quick and easy way in 3D Max 9 to set up flashing lights in sequence? Right now my lights are going on and off all at the same time but a ‘running light’ would be cooler I think. I feel kinda like my only option is to simply drag and offset the key frame sequence of every light in the sheet editor but for a row of about 20 lights that’s a lot of manual tedious labour. Any shortcuts or alternatives on this?

Pic inclueded for better reference, don’t mind the current mesh errors, it’s still a heavy WIP atm :wink:


I wrote a small script to offset keyframed animations a while ago.

offset = 2
--defines offset in frames
selArr=selection as array

for i = 1 to selArr.count do 
val = ((i - 1)*offset)
moveKeys selArr[i].multiplier

Works only with lights, so hide/freeze/filter anything else when selecting.


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