September 2002 Challenge Official Guidelines - Through Sept 9th - Oct 19th


You all are just insane :smiley: here we go yet again with our 8th WIP challenge…

This month’s Challenge is entitled “Twisted Extreme Sports”

- Twisted Extreme Sports -
Create a character performing an extreme sport, set in or mixed between any genre or era of choice or alternatively create the environment thereof.

Here is what was stated as the final rules for the Twisted Extreme Sports Challenge

The final rules for this 8th challenge are

Important new rule for this month 1) no description of the sport is allowed until near the end. People are to try and guess what the sport is about by looking at the pictures (this is for the added extra fun :wink:
2) the sport has to be invented to a certain degree but can be based off of existing sports. (ie it has to be based off of reality to an extent)
3) the game can take place anywhere: air, water, land, subterranean, etc.
4) the body has to be the center of attention, (ie nothing that encases the body such as a car) but full body armor or gear/gadgets are allowed as long as the character is visible. In the case of an “environment only” submission obviously the sportsgear or surroundings are the centerpieces.
5) Any character HAS to be posed in full action. No default da-vinci poses please.
6) You are free to stage your sport in any time era or genre; sci-fi or fantasy, stone age or roman empire, so long as your players equipment and outfit are appropriate to that time period. You are also allowed to mix sports and eras: american football in the middle age using knight armor (but with a twist!) is as much allowed as rocket sneaker basketball on mars.
7)This is primarily a character challenge so any environment is optional. Those that would rather not model characters can choose either to model a detailed environment, or if so inclined collaborate with another artist for environment + character. What we are trying to avoid is people spreading themselves too thin. (For example of environments think obstacle courses)
8) Texturing is allowed this time around.

The Challenge starts Sept 9th and will run until October 19th Midnight EST This will only that extra time needed for texturing

additional notes:

- Please provide some form of concept art, a doodle is fine.

  • Render from a few different point of views so we can see details.

Remember that this is a WIP challenge, so it is a requirement to show the steps you used, maps e.t.c, and help out as much as you can, of course you’re not obligated to, but it will help those that need it greatly.

There are however some restrictions to prevent unnecessary issues:

[li]Images with a direct outside linking should NOT exceed the size of either 800x600 or 600x800 . . . If you want to show a larger formatted picture, do so using a link to the image . . . we have to keep in mind that there are still people with small monitors and slow connections.
[/li][li] Important, Please DONOT use any models prior to the challenge start date, start from scratch. If it’s evident you used an old model, you will be told to remove and start over.

When you begin a new thread please use the following syntax

Twisted Extreme Sports - character or Environment - [your name]

so for example

Twisted Extreme Sports - character - lildragon

And that’s it,

Let those creative juices flow :slight_smile:


Challenge issues are now resolved here in order to keep this guidelines thread clean…