September 2002 Challenge issues resolved in this thread


Let them rip


i know the rules said no characters started prior to the challenge. but i started my char the day it was announced. and posted part of it in the WIP section. I had a great idea on how i could use this char i was working on for this challenge.
so my question is can i use the above character?
i mean its not like i;ll win anyways


Does the character have to be a humanoid. How excactly do you define character?

Can the character be a part of the sport for example a droid which is a part of a racing vihicle or something?


can your ‘character’ be a droid? or does it have to be human?


Hm, during our discussions we were unanimous about only allowing humans. That paragraph must have slipped (or they decided otherwise while I was away for coffee :))

Unless any of the other mods vote against I’d say the definition of a character is a human, period. You are allowed modifications though, like prosthesis or other body enhancements.

Like mentioned, the body is the center of attention so no racing vehicles, no droids. I think it should be ok to model droids as helpers to the character though.



yeah… now we will see 60 extreme sport images…
…from the 3dluvr contest that ended last week!
what were they thinking?



Wiro, can we get the ‘human or not’ issue sorted ASAP?

I already started modelling an alien :slight_smile:


PedramK, you already started a thread just before under the name G Nilsson which got removed, why couldn’t you take it into the “September 2002 Challenge issues resolved in this thread” which is meant for these kinds of discussions?

Well, here’s my reply.

The CGTalk challenges have been for months now and not a single time was it necessary to “copy off” some other site.
I didn’t know about the 3Dluvr contest but checked up on it now.

Well, first of all we are after an INVENTED extreme sport and from what I could see all of them were real sports.

Second we are after sports that could be taken from any time period, mixed with any other time period. Their sports are all contemporary.

third whoever uses any pics he or she used for the 3dluvr contest automatically discqualifies him/herself because any models must be started after the challenge begins. Plus…what the hell would the point of entering the challenge be? This is a for fun thing…no prizes. The whole point is to get feedback on your work and get better.

Please take these discussions into the appropriate thread.



If the contest is “inspired” by 3dLuvr’s contest, so be it! Pointing out small differences means nothing cos it’s essentially the same contest and saying “Oh, but it’s different cos of <INSERT VERY SMALL DIFFERENCE HERE>” just makes it that little bit more lame.



As Wiro has stated we were unaware of 3Dluvr’s “contest” we never “copy” ideas, they’re enough of us on the council to cook up something original, which we have done…



Sorry to disappoint you wiro, but im not G Nilsson :stuck_out_tongue:
I just found it rude that the post got deleted.

Maybe something to remember for next time, a little investigation
wouldnt hurt before deciding on contest topics…

guess this time was an unfortunate ‘coincidence’


Fair enough. Obviously you’ll be swinging on over to 3dluvr next time you’re set to go so it doesn’t happen again? I’m a bit surprised you didn’t actually, what with all these sites being part of the 3d community, which I’m sure all of us keep an eye on so we’re all up to date. It’s not like 3dLuvr is some little site :slight_smile:


Originally posted by PedramK
guess this time was an unfortunate ‘coincidence’

indeed it was, and remember one important thing…

This isn’t a contest never was, never will be, it’s a chance to improve your skillset in many ways… many of us have in more ways than one, including myself

Always remember that…

have fun


Hellrender: yes, cartoons are just fine! Space should also be fine but remember…BODY IS CENTER…no spaceships!

Also, Lil and me decided that we can be more relaxed when it comes to the definition of character. I’ve added a paragraph (6) under which it’s allowed to create fantasy characters. We’d rather not see aliens though because that could be anything. But if it’s not too wacky though it should be ok :wink:

[edit] I just read up on the 3dluvr rules
“character(s) involved in the specific extreme sport activity has to be the primary focus of your image.”

does indeed sound very much like our rule 4) “the body has to be the center of attention…”
I was the one that worded that sentence and I appologize for it but like we said, we had absolutely no idea about the contest.



Can they be riding some sort of bike or animal?


As long as the body is visible. And it’s a sport that does not exist today.



So no droids or anything like that is allowed? Hmm… damn.
Humans is the last thing that I do… Im more of a hard surface modeler =(


Is this a still image, animation, or is that our choosing?

Can it be a team sport?


And it’s a sport that does not exist today.

i know you are drowning in an endless sea of questions Wiro but does this mean we have to invent a sport or can we take a sport and give it a bit of a ‘twist’ and well be all set??



I suppose that’s what they mean in the rules by “can be based off existing sports”.:smiley: