Sepia Tone?


Friends, how do I achieve sepia kind of feeling (like in The Bank Job or Saving Private Ryan) effects? Is there any plugins for this for Phtooshop?



Try photo filter, it is built-in in photoshop.


Create a sepia toned solid layer, play around with the belnd modes and transparency.

Watch this(AE, but principles apply to PS too)


Alternatively, the plugin “Exposure” by Alien Skin can do more complex variations of sepia like full tone, mid band split, soft sepia, and a slightly different effect called ‘selenium’.

It also does effects like ‘calotype’, ‘daguerreotype’, channel bleaches, ‘polysulphide’ to name a few.
It can also create the effect of numerous film stock types, ranging from old as dirt film types to new state of the art film types.

It’s an excellent asset for any photographer or Cg artist.


Thanks All! AlienSkin Exposure is just what I need. Thanks.


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