Separate Material IDs


So in 3DSMax, you can highlight separate areas of a mesh and assign a different material ID to them, so that in Unreal, I can color them differently. In ZBrush, I imported a cylinder that I want to use as a floor. I sculpted some designs into one of the large round faces (the floor section), and I want to assign what I sculpted a different material ID so that I can make them a different material in Unreal, sort of a reflective gold, while the rest is white. Is there a way to set this up in ZBrush? Thanks!


select any brush, turn off sculpting buttons (zadd zsub) and turn on M filter, then paint the desired areas.
For cleener result i’d sugest to mask the desired areas first and edgeloop them (“edgeloop masked border” in tools>geometry>edgeloop), then isolate them (ctrl+shift+click) and fill (fillobject button in color menu)


zplugin>projection master
make sure material/color is checked, there is other option all so


So painting an object a different color in ZBrush assigns a separate material ID for when I bring it into Unreal Engine 4? I don’t really want the object to retain any color from ZBrush. Only the separate materials.


i dont use unreal engine but you can try this,
if you dont want color just make sure (M) material if on, its on the top middle of the UI next to rgb mrgb