Senseicapi Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


Hello, I am new here in CGtalk, well I have always checked the forums but never posted. Being new I tought I will introduce myself briefly:

My name is David Larrea, I am from Quito-Ecuador, in South America. I am a 3D modeler-animator, but I enjoy drawing, I am currently getting used to work with my wacom, since I have always worked with traditional media (pencil mostly). Dont want to get you guys bored, so that will be it for now, and wellcome to my daily Sketchbook.


[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1633 45mn “SNOW”

41mn PS CS3/ Wacom:



CgTalk Daily Sketch 1634 65mn “The Red Bishop”

65mn PS CS3/ Wacom:

1h41mn (101mn):


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1636 55mn “mad doctor”

55mn PS SC3 / Wacom:

2h41mn (161mn):


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1637 50mn “baby devil”

50mn PS CS3/ Wacom:

1h28mn (88mn):


Hello David,

I think your sketches are very good. Like you I have always been lurking too, but never really joined. Very good of you that you are posting now. I think you’ll become a pro in no time, keep up the good work friend!


Samer Hadi


Thanks a lot Samer, I really appreciate your support.
And yeah, I plan on posting a lot. Right now I am a bit busy with the Hardcore Modeling Challenge, so I will keep the Sketches on hold for a bit.


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