Senior Engineers at LUX - all


It never hurts to restate things sometimes as people tend to forget. :slight_smile:

You have to remember that the complete Lightwave development team was based in San Francisco. They had people whos jobs were to post tutorials and create educational material. This was back when the dev team had plenty of money, resources and bodies to do this. In the end these things didnt appear until after they left and William Vaughn and a smaller team was able to do what they didnt seem to be able to do. All it tells me that is that for all the bluster, the old dev team either didnt know what they were doing or werent properly directed.
Either way its not something I care to sink money and resources into.


Agree with Larry on this one.

Proton made more publicity for LW and tutorials and events in a short time than the “old” marketing (if i can call that) team did in years.

Never LW was so spoken and known about as when Proton started as the new LW evangelist, perhaps Proton should had been hired by NT in 98 or earlier…


Modo looks cool, but I have some SERIOUS reservations about the people behind it. You know what though? Time will tell. If the people at Luxology don’t take care of their (yet to exist) customers, economic Darwinism will take care of the situation, and this time, there will be no one to blame but themselves.


Plus then Brad Beebler claimed to be Polygon God and in a Titanesgue move killed Larry’s dog by having the Kracken sit on him.


boy, I can see where this thread is going.

Let’s shut 'er down, people.


Oh come on. Man I was joking. Some people are so up tight.


That post was really hard to follow.

The word is that the money for the LW6 rewrite was dumped into toaster development even though NT denies it. It seems like these guys were tired of playing second fiddle to the video hardware.


Second verse same as the first. We know how you feel about them.


As I remember things, during the development of LightWave [6] NewTek expanded the LightWave development team to the largest it had ever been up to that point. Frame Factory sales and later VT[1] sales were more than covering the costs of the video development team during that time period, and the video team was, as I recall, smaller than the LW development team.


Your views are pretty clear as well.




For a minute there I thought it was an actual quote (seemed plausible:slight_smile: ), and nearly covered my screen in the coffee I was drinking :smiley:


Us too. We had good a laugh here at the studio. :slight_smile:


Yes, of course they have budgets and timelines at Luxology, but they’re also making a brand new, modern app with that time and budget. And they’re obviously spending more time on their app than they were able to spend on LW6. In roughly the same time it took to get LW6 out the door, Lux has just managed to make a new modeling app. It looks like they’re taking the time to get a solid foundation that they can use to build a cutting edge 3d app. They didn’t have that luxury at NewTek. I can understand NewTek’s position, they didn’t want to lose all their customers while they waited 4 years for a LW update (and since Lux has no userbase that isn’t an issue) but that doesn’t change the fact that LW is barely able to compete right now. It used to be a no-brainer to get LW, but now LW is looking pretty weak next to XSI, Maya, and especially Cinema 4D. I’d like to continue supporting NewTek but they’re making it hard for me to give them my money. I know they are aware of the problems, I just hope they’re taking care of them quickly.

Oh and can we please have just one thread where people don’t take jabs at Larry? He’s done a lot of good for the LW community, more than most. I don’t see what’s so bad about making a living and helping people out along the way.


I’ve got a couple of flags that go up for me.

  1. Modo is pretty much modeller with a new skin. Even the way the panes are laid out in the demos are pretty much how I have modeler with small vertex map,layer and stat windows on the side. How is that not some breach of contract or rights? So much about it IS modeller.

  2. Some of the cools look pretty cool, but in regards to edge weighting and what not, since lightwave nor maya (as far as I’ve seen) supports that feature, so meshes that use it will have to be “frozen”, will they not? If so, that kinda defeats the purpose.

However, the macro recording look awesome:)


Has anyone asked how soon the newer modules would be talked about?


I mentioned this in the news thread but it really seems to me that modo is modeler with a new interface and some polishing. In the time it took them to put this out they could of put out a new LW 8. It looks like they took the influence options off the usual tools and gave them controlers like the magnet tool and basically got all the tools to work the same way across the board. No history, no splines then most likely they are going section by section and upgrading the code. They got the sub-d tools working and still have the spline tools and the rest to do.

Really, to me it seems like time wise they could of done all of this work at newtek. Newtek OBVIOUSLY will stretch the development time to get the work done that needs to get done. We all waited 6+ months beyond what Newtek originally said was the release time so that doesn’t sit well with me.

With the hub they can make any number of new modelers/renderer and still have them talk to each other as they upgrade each component.

It will be interesting to see what happens once Modo is on the market and people get to use it. Non lightwavers i’m sure will love it, but it will be interesting to see what lightwave users make of it.

In any case Utah looks better and better every week


i never understand when someone does a statment like this
I uses Lightwave and enjoy my days using it
used to uses Max but moved over to Lw because it fit my brain better
And now i’m learning Maya now because every studio in my area uses it

Maya is not better then Lightwave it’s just more work
( makes me think of my CAD days AutoCad is no where near the best CAD app i’ve used, but hay everyone used it so i had to )

Modo is not a magic modeler it’s the same thing with a new look
( all we’re doing in it is making points and polygons come one )
and lets face it, the modeling plugins that were added to Lw 8 are as much as you can really do to a point and polygon making apps whatelse is there ?? ( except Edge weighting this is my biggest wish:) )

XSI is not going to show every 3D out there how it’s done it has it problems too just ask a XSI guys ( tho i’m thinking alot will add it to they 3D tool kit )

and sorry user base is important as a freelancer C4D might be usefull ( it looks good )
But if your looking for fulltimework / contract you have no hope where i am with C4D skills

these are Artist tools people not magic do my job for me Apps

with the release of LW 8 Newtek has made a Big first step on it’s own 2 feet
Chuck & Proton have stated they looking at 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 releases instead of the one 8.5 release.

for me I’m looking forward to 8.1 and the rest that come out this year and the next:bounce:


Yeah, why in the hell would anyone pay money for this thing? There are so many options right now, that have the features modo has, and for the same money if not less. Doesn’t Silo have many of the same main features? XSI base level is cheap as hell…and renders. LW still seems to model just fine for 99.9 percent of projects you don’t need nurbs for.

Want to support people who are trying to squeeze every penny out of their budget and put it into the software? Why not support companies like PMG (Messiah) or Silo? Aren’t some of the people in PMG from LW? They seem cool to me- and highly dedicated.

Modo…was just a Modler wet dream and I’m glad we’re all wake’n up.

Regardless of what happened with the Lux team NewTek is doing what they can for now.
LW 8.X will hold enough of the fort (users) until 9 comes out, for which NewTek will be most likley have to dig in deep for. I can’t wait until all the trash lux code is flushed out and LW is re-written for real.

For all the people who can’t wait for 8.5-9, they aren’t going to wait for Modo either. There are just too many options that make a hell of a lot more sense.

There was a rumor (like almost everything around Lux) that Steve Jobs was thinking of buying them and making an Apple 3D app using Modo and some Layout type program that rendered with renderman. God I hope Steve isn’t that dumb to throw money away like that.


that does sounds like a good idea… thinking about it oh maybe not :sad:

but being stuck on Apple format would suck, the hardware is just at silly prices

Pixar renderman is not user friendly at all
no surface editor & most surfaces settings have to be coded Lux would be working hard to just make that area user freindly Plus Renderman is made for feature film it’s alot more work then LW current render thats’ for sure

Modo has taken awhile and it is only a modeler, how long with the layout app take
By that time it’s out we would have Lw 9 or 10 & maya, XSI and C4D would be on the apple format running strong and if Steve owned it we would not have a PC version.


That would seem to be in keeping with Luxology’s pricing plan. :wink: