sending commands from Flash script (fla)


how can I post mel commands within a flash script ? in fla ? (compiles as swf )
it should be good to do flash UI based tutorials and send commands to maya.

with mozilla netview window plugin. we can send mel commands with html pure scripts.

it should be good to load a swf file instead of html. (for tutorial pages for internet window for ma maya).
or swf files plugged into html files.


You have to find a way to send commands to a socket in Flash. I don’t know how to though. In Maya you can open a port to receive these commands using commanPort.


Flash can call javascript functions. From javascript you should be able to emit mel. I guess that should work. :wink:

Christian Laforte
Maya API Consultant


I found after asked question and sharing if useful for some1

on (press) {


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