Semi-futuristic mafia project


Been working on this for some time. Would love some critique.
Made in Lightwave for 3D modelling class.


Hey man,

Very interesting and unique style you’ve got going on! I do think the building looks a little too rounded though.



The lighting is very bright on your character, and the texture of his pinstripe suit looks very distorted. This may all be intentional though, so I don’t know.


The idea is original. But If you want to matchup Mafia and SCi0fi maybe need somes references.

Example your car feel sci-fi but no mafia. At less, not from the Mafia Area (1930 or 1950). You need to grab the essence of the mafia car. Like your character or enviro you created.

I always use Pierce-arrow model for my 1930 car.


Thanks for the feedback.

AJ1: Thank you. I guess you are right about that. Definately going to sharpen it up. Thanks.

Telemachus: Okay. I got a bit lazy with the pinstriping actually. :blush:
I didn’t UV-map it. I agree, it looks a bit weird. Can’t really say that it was intentional with a straight face. :slight_smile: Will absolutely correct it.

Scote: I used the Maybach Zeppelin as a reference. I looked at features from models of different years and then drew my own design inspired by it. Made it a 4-door instead of a 2-door etc. Really just adapting it to a way of life of the current time inspired by old times. It’s not really supposed to be that extremely similar to the era. It’s like how old styles of fashion returns, but look different when they do. The guy I worked with on this project made a model inspired by the T-Ford, that was more classic. In this future, some is more hardcore old-school than others.

For reference, here’s the scene we put together. Half of the objects in this scene is not mine It’s a bit rough around the edges. I know. :slight_smile:

Here’s a head render too btw, untextured:

Used Machine Gun Kelly mugshot as reference when modelling and then tweaking it a bit.


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