Selling Nuke X



I am selling one Nuke X License for €5500 / $ 6440
We just don’t use it often enough.

Maintenance plan is running till July 2019.
Please contact me mmm(at)

The license transfer fee will be covered by me.



Hey there.

Just wondering how exactly are you selling it?
Apparently the foundry only allows license transfers from individuals to individuals.
Studio to individual, or studio to studio is strictly forbidden by their eula.

Asking because i want to sell my nuke x license as well (which is registered to my “company”).



From the eula:

“Current Foundry policy permits sale and transfer of perpetual Licenses as long as the Seller (current owner) is a natural person and is selling or transferring the license to another natural person (the Buyer). Reselling a license from individual to a business or business to business is strictly prohibited. An administrative fee is required to be paid in full by the Buyer to Foundry prior to the transfer being completed. Failure to complete payment will result in no license transferred.”


Hello oktawo,
thnx for asking.
I bought and I am selling the license as an actual person and not as a studio/company.


I don’t think they can prevent you from selling the license if you are living in the EU. Even if they point you to their EULA you might want to remind them of the jurisdiction.

info from usedsoft

EU Court of Justice


thanks CerpinTaxt