Selling my self-written C4D plugins + source code


Greetings to all.

I am currently in the midst of transitioning to Houdini and am thus interested in selling my personal collection of self-written plugins. It’s mostly just odds and ends I’ve written over the years for various things. There’s a couple of tools for creating and managing rigged hair styles, some stuff for matching joint rotations between hierarchies, a few simple deformers and effectors, a replacement for the Driver tag that makes it easier to work with rigs that have a large amount of corrective morphs, a rough recreation of Geo Maya Hair but written for C4D in C++ instead, and a full featured Quaternion toolkit that extends C4D with a new 4 component data type and includes a bunch of Xpresso nodes for calculating, converting, and manipulating quaternions.

I’m looking to sell the full project hierarchy- icon files in AI and PS, and the MSVS2015 project files + source code. I can guarantee that everything builds on R17, but beyond that I don’t know since that’s the last version of C4D that I had access to.

I honestly have no idea what this stuff is worth, but I’m willing to entertain any offers.



Sell them to Maxon. If they still offer some functionality that is not implemented.


Sorry, Maxon is not in the business of buying plugins. All Cinema 4D code is developed according to pretty specific standards to allow for better maintenance, this means that any plugin would need to be redeveloped.


Ofcourse, I meant buy the “idea” and intergrate it…
Like Naam did with ChanLum… (there was no selling/buying but his name remains for over a decade in the manuals)


I don’t really own the “idea” to quaternions though, it was just something that Maya had which I found useful for character rigging, so I decided to implement it myself (C4D only has a very rough quaternion class in Python, which I found rather unsatisfactory to use).

I’m not sure how I’d sell the idea of something so generic to MAXON in that regard…



I am not looking to buy, but if you open source it (MIT preferably) then I can look at updating the code to be R20+ compliant and then build them for R20 through to R23+ on OSX and Windows for everyone to use. That way at least your work lives on.