Selling Models/Demo Reels


Is selling persay a model that appears on your demo reel generally a bad idea???

I wouldn’t think it would be, but could be wrong.

Also does anyone have any information on how many times realistic looking models actually sell on sites like Turbo Squid?

Any other information appreciated, thanks guys.



I highly doubt anything on a demo reel is off limits to sell, UNLESS owned by copyright\obligation to a company\individual you made that piece for. The people who made the effects on superman, can have the assets on their reel, but I doubt they can sell it.
You making a model and putting it on your reel and selling the model as well seems like it would be your choice. since you still retain the rights.


Cool thanks for the information, I’m looking into selling some models, to get rid of some heavy overdraft fees lol…


SELL MAN! All mine are very detailed High resolution ones.

32K last year…

Cheers, THOM

under “Include Authors” about halfway down TYPE:

The Cimarron group, enter!


Can people actually make a living selling models on turbosquid alone?


If ThommyBoy can clear 32k, then i’d say yes.


ThommyBoy Good god, 32K??

Thats pretty respectable. I mean, even though TS is taking 50% of the price, I suppose its reasonable to assume that you wouldn’t have sold as many without their search engine, marketing, etc.

Damn sure is food for thought though. Just wish most of the models I’ve constructed in the past weren’t “work for hire” heh!

thanks for sharing.


I offer to the clients three ways to pay:
I build the model and render an image or animation,and and keep the rights to the model.
I custom build the model and post it and they buy it online, along with others.
I sell them the model directly for BIG $$$ with exclusive ownership.

CLients go for the cheapest most of the time which allows me to re sell it .

Cheers, THOM


Holy crap, after surfing Turbo Squid for a little while…one thing stands out to me:

Market Saturation!

That you were able to make that many sales says something about the quality of your models, as there seems to be 2-10 versions of everything I could think of.

This is gonna take a lot of planning to find a “niche”. Heh.


I apologize if this would sound like a blatant self-promotion (I am actually one of the owners of, but I recommend signing up for more than just turbosquid. now gives from 60% to 75% royalty. The more models you have there, the higher is the royalty. There are no restrictions to selling your models in more than one store.


That’s awesome man. What are your top three sold models if I may ask?


Interesting way for a modeling to get by, I didn’t think it could be done full time. I may have to do some digging around in my model library… maybe something profitable there :slight_smile:


That really is amazing 32K for your model’s, Congrate’s.

I’ve currently been looking into turbo squid but was not sure about the whole thing until I heard 32K, heck I’ll settle for 24K canadian for a full year, that’s all I personally need to survive. I think I’ll also check out that

The thing I really dont like about Turbo Squid is the amount of paper work needed to fill out for a non-us resident, it seem’s like a lot of Tax Information but I’ll put some work up and see how it goes.


I agree with grishick, it is best to put your models on as many marketplace sites as you can.
I started posting my models on turbosquid and made a small sum of money and so I decided to expand to other sites. I now post my models on Falling Pixel ( as they are European based and offer a higher royalty payout than turbosquid, also there site is a lot less saturated and features more high quality models.

I havn’t looked into exchange3d as of yet but I am sure I will get my models on there soon to maxamise my profits :slight_smile:

I can’t boast ThommyBoy earnings but its nice to get a little extra pocket money :thumbsup:


Just to add some information here-- I am the contact person at DAZ for artists looking to sell or broker models. Some of our top artists clear well more than the 32K mentioned, but we have the largest customer base of the 3-d model sites.
While DAZ only deals in exclusives (i.e. you cannot sell that specific model at Turbosquid, rendo, or any other 3-d brokerage site) we have no issue with using your model in your reel, or other projects, or with you brokering other items at other stores.
As for percentages, DAZ purchases some models outright, and brokers models as well. The standard broker agreement is 50/50, but the top 10 sellers get a 15% bonus and the top 11-20 get a 10% bonus…
Anyway… just wanted to throw in some confirmed info as one who actively recruits artists and buys models for sale.
If you have specific questions, or a model you would like to broker/sell, please email me at Also I frequent this forum to keep up on anything… If you do email me, let me know that you are on here, so I can put you in context.


Thanks for the information DAZKevin, I did not realise that you only deal in exclusives. This is a bit of a problem for me as I like to sell my models on multiple sites to get the highest amount of possible sales. I like the idea of your top sellers getting extra but I unfortunatly am not at the stage of being a top seller as of yet.

It seems the standard royalty payout is 50%, on I get just shy of 60% on everything I sell and obviously I can sell my models on other sites as well.
I chose to go with a smaller site due to saturation, they are fairly new so they have fresh ideas which I have only found on there site, such as their buyer to seller pm system.

Could you possibly let us know how much DAZ pays for high quality models (bought outright) or perhaps give us sellers some advice on what sells for example low polygon game ready assets compared to high detail realistic assets? :shrug:

I’m sure this will help many of us sellers in this ever growing and saturated market


Wow this is great guy’s thanks for some more information on this area.

Hey by any chance does anyone sell or have seen people selling any higher quality DEM Maps?, I currently make them, well just begun refining my technique to the point of good high quality, all my map’s are of the USA and are at a 1/10th scale, I’m doing all major landmarks like the grand canyon.

Does anyone think it’s possible to sell these things?


Usually an exclusive at DAZ sells quite a few more than an item at multiple stores.

As for how much on buy-out items, it all depends-- we tend to negotiate those contracts individually. If you have a model you are thinking you would like to sell, email a render to me and we can talk.
Factors we consider are how saturated the market is-- textures, tend to sell for less, as the market is flooded with textures and texture artists-- detailed clothing with quality UV’s and rigging tend to net a bit more. Buildings with plenty of detail and uses are somewhat in demand, while vehicles and props, we tend to only use as weekly freebies (that we still buy-out).
I can’t be too open here with information and details, be am open to more specific discussion via email.



This interests me, as I have sold under marketplaces before, and am really glad I got on the bandwagon just as it launched, as it seems like its going places, and when i get the time i’m going to churn out some more work, however i’ve never really concidered locking myself down to a single site before, as I dont see the benefit for me, the artist…

I’m intrigued when you say that your exclusives sell more than on alternative sites…where did you compile this data? Are their numbers that corrispond with this claim? please feel free to email me! :slight_smile:


While our competetors do not share their sales numbers with us, we have numerous artists who broker at a variety of sites. They always give DAZ a first look becasue they know that their sales will be higher at DAZ exclusively, than they would brokered at multiple sites.