selling 3ds Max + maintenance subscription


Hi, i am offering my up to date permanent licence of 3ds Max 2017 (Autodesk) for sale. The license includes the maintenance subscription for 12 months. Thereby all updates for the current year 2017 are available.

price: 2500€ without VAT
location: germany

The autodesk customer support will officially transfer the licene.

Feel free to send a pm or a mail at for more information.


Is it really possible to sell a 3ds max license? Only possible in the EU?


I’ve asked Autodesk today if there are any ristrictions to sell it.
EU is definately no problem. If you are interested i have to ask if Australia is on the list.


So to understand this correctly:
you asked Autodesk and the replied that you are allowed to sell the license and they will transfer the license to the new owner ?
I know that there was some EU court ruling for that, but i was not aware that Autodesk does this now so easily. I remember in the early days, this was only possible when you close the business that currently owns the license. Anyways, good to know that selling is easier now, if it’s indeed the case


Yes; i asked Autodesk and my local reseller (3DPowerstore) and both said that i only have to fill in a form.

I read that too that it was very hard to transfer a licence from one company to another but this has changed somehow. I think EU rules simply forced Autodesk to do it.


Wow, very interesting. Hmmm, I might have to ask Autodesk Denmark about the same thing. The reseller is from UK though, maybe that complicates things.


If this is wide-spread, I find it quite funny to imagine Autodesk overseeing what amounts to thousands-of-dollars worth of perpetual-licence transfers whilst not receiving a penny.


I guess that they figure it’s better for them to have a maintenance plan perpetuated by someone else rather than being terminated by the present owner


Perhaps, but I’m pretty sure they have to allow licence-holders to sell their seat by law. Seeing as maintenance will eventually be the same as subscription anyway, the only point of buying a perpetual is to not have to give Autodesk any money at all for perpetuity.


Interesting - a company I work for was looking for perpetual licences with MR, I wonder how many are transferring?


LOL, a 3ds Max perpetual license could turn into high demand commodity, driving the prices up! Nah, but still funny to think about.


Think about this:
If you really plan to switch over to subscription and have a perpetual license you may, instead of taking the current 30% rental rate reduction offer from Autodesk ( which requires you to trade in your permanent license), simply sell our perpetual license at the price the market pays. As you actually can’t buy into a perpetual license AT ALL, this might as well be some good price you can achieve here ( simple supply and demand rules )
Autodesk might not be aware that it unintentionally created a seller’s market for perpetual licenses which might indeed hurt them. Public awareness about that easy switching possibility should be pushed and raised …


True. Another point can be made that some people just want to stay with 3ds Max 2018 and don’t give a damn about maintenance fees raising. I have seen people stay at 2014 after the upgrade path was killed, 2018 might reach status as another “common denominator”. Some people still use SoftImage happily, after all.


2500€ is a bit too steep for me, otherwise I’d buy it. I’m in Canada, will I be able to have the license transferred to me here?


I guess only Autodesk can decide and give the info about this. Will very much depend on the judicature that exists in Canada. I’m pretty sure Autodesk would exploit every legal posibility in favor of their own good, They are no customer-satisfaction oriented company.


Hey guys,

I have to announce that the licence is sold and dispite the roaming horror storys transfer was very easy.

If anybody want to sell their licence i could recommend that.