Selfillumination 2 , André Kutscherauer (3D)


Very nice!!

Only a small critic, the toes look too flat, perhaps you could make them start a little higher.



ver clever i like the lighting…


This is simply great! sometimes simple images contain more meaning than complex scenes :slight_smile:

How long did it take to render?


I’m just fan of your clear ideas and lighting…


awesome idea, awesome modelling. I would have liked it if the bulb were actually the source of most of the lighting, but still, this idea is super awesome!


Cool idea :slight_smile: It looks great on the magazine cover.


I like both version of that


good work :thumbsup:


This is a sequel and you hit the bulls eye this time too.


Everything is great! But is the creativeness that calls most of my attention!


Very nice!!I Like!


hey i’m really fond of your work andré. This is another very good picture !


wow! Very nice!


hahaahahahaha briliant idea :D:D:D so the render :]


Your render is incredible :eek::eek::eek:


Great Idea! Beautiful work!


cute,good job, such a good idea


I ADMIRE your work so much… i always like thise clean-technomechanical looking scenes… congrats and keep it up… !:love: :love: :love:


do ypu know? i think great masterpeices like thise one , should have some kind of tutorials or making of… so please do you have any tutorials on acheaving such good looking scene? i mean the lighting for example…:bounce:


:thumbsup: I like your good idea for your work.

by jeewu