Selfillumination 2 , André Kutscherauer (3D)


Title: Selfillumination 2
Name: André Kutscherauer
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, Rhino

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Selfillumination 2
…the dark side of success

This picture was created for the 3D World Cover issue 79.
Thanks to Jim Thacker, Shaun Weston and Kai Wood for their great support and ideas.

Thank you for giving me this fantastic possibility!

Posterprints are availiable on:

A zoomable Highresversion can be found on

comments are very welcome.

I hope you like it!


It’s just sick how great it is. I love your work and this one is right up there among my favorites.
Simply stunning artwork.Congratulations.


Excellent job!! Very simple, yet its a great idea and a great render. Keep it up!


render,model and everything is great good work:thumbsup:


Another great image André, really like the clean render. :thumbsup:


wow, very great render! i like it :slight_smile:


Wow really great lighting and materials!
Phantastic reault. Keep it up!


got nothing to say… just to say that is smthing more than awsome work…
love ur work mate :thumbsup:


Fantastic work! congratulation :thumbsup:


Great work, such a great idea. I love the reflections of the character. Congratulations.


Really fantastic idea:thumbsup: ,
It’s so cute,love it very much~!


So cool job …:thumbsup: i like this character so much…:slight_smile:


Excellent work with great textures and lighting.


excellent !

5 stars from me !


great to see another scene with this little guy. :thumbsup:

keep it up.



Congratulations, great job!
Great mood, lightning and everything else, really cool!



Clean modeling and render, just amazing:applause: Concept is fantastic :bounce: Congrats


Hehe, nice one. Congrats on the publishing stuff. Always looking forward for more. :thumbsup:


inteligent and beautiful! congratulations!


Great Job! I like the concept…Show us some wireframe… :slight_smile: