Self Teaching Syllabus Suggestions



I’ve been trying to build a self teaching syllabus using the research I’ve accumulated regarding motion graphics/vfx so that I can be as efficient as possible in my 6 month learning runway!.

Do you have suggestions for a self teach syllabus? Any specific order in which you would learn certain concepts or notions so that they build up on top of each other in an intuitive way? Any helpful resources or courses you’ve found over the years? Essentially if you could travel back in time and give your past self some advice on how to navigate learning motion graphics/VFX knowing what you know today what would it be?

I was thinking of starting off with the learning a bit about the basic principles of animation (since I am starting from absolute zero), then moving on to learning cinema 4d first (as I think this might be a more manageable start), and then in about 3-4 months start sprinkling in some houdini.