Self Portrait: Vampire Acolyte, Renee Bailey (2D)


Title: Self Portrait: Vampire Acolyte
Name: Renee Bailey
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This began as an exercise from a Daily Sketch Topic on CGtalk.

But little did I know I completely misunderstood the topic - and it wasn’t supposed to be a self-portrait at all!

I think in the back of my mind I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long, long time. I’ve roleplayed myriad vampires for years, and they and their mythology are one of my favorite creatures. Portraying myself as one holds a significance. For myself alone at the very least.

I began with a ref photo of myself to look at - it was of me in my Renaissance Faire cloak. The expression is from the photo - but this time I didn’t use a grid, I just drew freehand while looking at the photo. So, while this looks like me, I certainly don’t look like this :slight_smile:

Probably 7-8 hours all told, but as typical I don’t really recall. I watched The Fifth Element for the bulk of the work invovled :slight_smile: It was on my other monitor in any event!

All done in Photoshop CS2, thank you for looking! :slight_smile:


interesting work Renee…i esp like the way uve framed the face…:).


Thanks for looking! :smiley: I hope interesting means good instead of ‘what the hell was she thinking?’ haha!


oh yes…and i see a new thumb now…:).


Hi Renee,

Nice portrait…I like the symbol on the forehead.



Reminded me of an ex-girlfriend.

Great work on the eyes.


ex girlfriend eh? I’m not sure if that freaks me out or not LOL That someone looks similar to me and/or that a vampire reminds you of an ex. Heheh

Thanks for the kind words though :slight_smile:


LOL, you just made my night. :bounce:


whee :slight_smile: I have no idea why lol


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