Self-Portrait, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: Self-Portrait
Name: Ian Spriggs
Country: Canada
Submitted: 6th October 2014

3D Self-Portrait inspired by classical paintings. More details can be seen on my website



Brrrrilliant !! Amazing piece of work !


this is an Excellent work! congrats for such realism and attention to details!



This is pretty slick. I’m not wild about the hair to be honest which comes off a bit cgish. However, the wrinkles in the shirt and the overall detail on the face is extraordinary.


The skin details are astonishing ! Also the eyes are really lively, nice work


Wow this is simply amazing. Great job man!


So Awesome.


What software did you use?


Thanks for the comments everyone.

As for the software i used it was Maya and Mudbox for the modeling, Mudbox and Photoshop for the texturing, and Vray in Maya for the lighting.


This feeling really great,I loooove it.~ :bounce:


What about the hair?


The hair was done with nhair with a VRay Mtl hair shader.


Well done mate, excellent craft you got there.
congrats! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Great job.

What kind of shader did you use for the clothes? It almost looks like you have some kind of special fresnel or sheen in it.

Anyhow, great work! :buttrock:


Hey thanks, I am glad you like it.
For the tshirt it was a VRayMt shader, with the help of a sampler info node plugged into a ramp node and having a lighter version of the texture on the non facing ratio and a darker colour on the facing ratio.


Nicely done! Congrats as well on the award


Very nice work. Looks like a photo. :thumbsup:


great and nice work… :thumbsup:


Totally Awesome work! I just found this website and looking at this I thought "Why would a website called CGsociety post pictures of real people. You could help make the next Tintin movie.


Awesome and truly inspiring work.