Self education and optimal improvment - Where to start?


Hello dear CG peers,

Let me start a bit on my background before I head on to my main question. For as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to become a CG artist and have been learning the art of 3D, Design, Movie editing, music production, you name it. I was lucky to have the drive and the resources to learn as a child on my own and was spending hours and hours on 3D, learning 3ds max and all kinds of software, inspired by popular games and movies of my childhood and of today.

I’ve finished high school a few months ago, but have decided not to go to college until I found one that will truly help me improve as an artist, and such a college doesn’t exist in my country, a country where only diploma’s matter which are not in my interest. I strive for knowledge and not for a petty piece of paper.

Anyways, now I have decided that I really wish to take self education to a new level, get lots of reading material and books, and really practice every day because I have a lot of free time, finally, and can use it to make the best improvments of my lifetime. My main interest is 3D but I have come to realize that art itself is the same weather your tool is a pencil or a 3D program, a tablet or clay, the same principals and rules apply to all aspects of art. The rules of composition and perception, how to make a figure, an object, an element look aesthetic and right.

So I wanted to ask for you experienced artists to recommend me literature for reading that will help me mature as an artist. Not just anatomy books, but books that will teach me the origins of different design styles and the elements that define them, like Art Deco for instance… And books that will change the way I think, change my life… Also what are your toughs on this? What other tips would you recommend me to do in order to optimally improve? What would you do if you had all the free time in the world to just improve as an artist?

Also, I must note that even tho I started learning from an early age I do realize that I am just a beginner which is exactly why I made this post, I wish to grow and become like the artists I admire so much.

Thank you all for reading this, I appreciate it!

PS: If you wish to see some of my work (different stuff, designs, 3D, etc) you can go here , the photo section, also I have a link in my signature to a post where you can see my latest head model.


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Hey yo. Just saw your works and they are amazing. I feel like a noob now :bowdown:

That aside, I suggest that start reading not only art books, but also novels, literature, anything that might interest you. You’ll be surprised at the amount of inspiration you can derive from one book.


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