Selective preload of references via script (python)


I have a custom asset management tool, in which I want to be able to use the “Selective preload” option found in the regular Open command in Maya (the one that allows you to set the loaded/unloaded state of any in-going references before opening the file).

If I just use regular, open=True), the box with reference information does not pop up, probably because the query that populates that box takes place before the actual open command (?).

I have a feeling that it must be related to the referenceNode, referenceDepthInfo and/or loadSettings commands (plus more, obviously).

My preferred language is Python, but MEL or PyMel etc is fine too, in case someone has some pointers or other help to offer!

On a related note, I can’t seem to be able to query the references a given file has unless I open the file first, which is obviously not the way to go.
Selective preload option


The following should launch Maya’s PreloadReferenceEditor for your scene file, filepath.

import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.mel as mel

filepath = '/path/to/my/scene/'

# Build Maya's implicitLoadSettings
cmds.file(filepath, buildLoadSettings=True, open=True)

# Launch PreloadReferenceEditor GUI
cmds.optionVar(stringValue=('preloadRefEdTopLevelFile', filepath))


I am doing the same but for Maya 2017 and these lines dont work in Maya 2017 (If I execute it takes a Fatal Error).

Do you know if is posible to do it in Maya 2017?