"selection set" and material ID


Hi, I got some problem in polygon selection.

Say, I have a box which is in Edit poly mode, which has six ploys, A,B,C,D,E,F.

In Material Set ID, I’ll assign material ID in the following way.

“Set 1” = A, B, C.

But if I assign “Set 2” = B,C

“Set 1” will change to only “A”

Theorotically I believe there is no way to set it in my way by the polygon material IDs.

I’m wondering if there is anyway to assign diffierent “selection sets” which will include same polyfaces.


yeah it is possible.:slight_smile:

you just have to select the faces you want to have in your saved selection, an go to the field “selection set” on the top of the window (picture), then you type a name for your selection, and hit enter. you can make that for each set of selected faces you want to save.
you now just have to select the name to get the selection back.


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