Selection problem external display


This problem has probably been posted before but I couldn’t find it so here I ask again. When using Silo on my Macbook Pro native display it works without any problem. When I switch to an external display connected via HDMI , I can’t select any objects, faces, edges, vertices. I tried to disable anti aliasing and reboot Silo but that doesn’t change anything. The Macbook Pro has only integrated Intel Iris graphics card.

My old Macbook pro 17" did not have this problem when working on an external display, but it had a ATI Radeon graphics card on board. Is there a way to solve this?


Can you not select anything or is it selecting away from your cursor?

Selection issues are usually cause by driver forced AA (should be set to application controlled). But you said you disabled AA so it must be something else…

I have a vague recollection that similar selection issues occurred if the bit depth of the display mode was too low - i.e. 16bit (thousands of colours, instead of millions in Mac parlance if my memory serves). Can you check that?

If you can’t select anything at all - check your mouse setting :]