Selecting polygon instead its parent


Hello guys, Is there a way i can directly select polygon in viewport without selecting its parent (subdivision,symetry etc)… Iam bit frustrating as i have to select manually in object manager to manipulate my polygon’s component .


I think what you are looking for you can do with HB Modeling Tools:

see this at 11.20:


Thank you for reply, Its quite useful script and expensive. … i hope there’s native way to do that. for me this is the most odd thing c4d have instead other 3D software tho.


You can Shift+LClick any object in the viewport and you will overpass eny parenting object as long as the child is visible.


Thank you very much! now i can modeling smoothly


It’s shift + Right Click, isn’t it ?
shift + left click doesn’t seem to do anything here.


It does for me … IDK …