Selecting or Testing for a dummy object


Hey guys,

I’m trying to work out a Maxscript issue where I’m pulling in FBX objects via an importer. They’re exported with the object name [Name] and a root dummy object [Name] where [Name]=[Name].

Now then, I need to rotate the root dummy object 270 degrees. Easy enough, got that part done, but I can’t figure out how to select the Dummy object only.

If I select via

getNodeByName [Name]

it returns the mesh. I need the dummy, not the mesh. I’m reading through the MaxScript guide but everything I get seems to return the mesh.



you didn’t read the mxs help carefully. getnodebyname has an optional argument all:
with set this to ON the function returns all nodes with the searched name.
so to get a dummy by name might look as:

 for node in getnodebyname <name> all:on where iskindof node dummy do exit with node


Thanks! I discounted the all function because it was still returning the original mesh as well. The iskindof is what I was looking for. Thank you.


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