selecting multiple custom tangents


Hello all. i just want to know if it is possible to select more than one custom tangent (like the way you can select more than one key) in the curve editor and move then them all at the same time? Rather than selecting each tangent indidually and trying to match the translation to the tangents i have already performed.

Coming from a maya background i remeber my frustration at not being able to break custom tangents until careful reading of the help lead me to shift selecting them. and i am now hoping there is an equivelent for my current problem.

Thanks in advance.


Press the lock tangents button in the curve editor. You don’t need to select them just select the keys that you want to adjust the tangents for and press lock tangents and then move the tangents. All tangents for all select keys will move at once.


thanks Pen. You have got a very nice site too.


Thanks, I do try to keep it updated ut it is hard when I am so busy


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