Selecting Hair to scale?


Hi All, I can’t seem to figure this out. I am using the hair tool to CUT away the length of hair. I select the tips option and when I move the brush over, the tips highlight and I can trim this areas down pretty easy. But with tools like located in Simulate/Hair Tools (In R18) the Move / Scale / Rotate seem to only function on ALL the hair. Scale will grow out hair but everywhere. I am at a loss as to how to select the area that I want to grow out hair longer.

Does anyone know how to select just a certain area to scale out the hair?



Hi Kwik.

Have you tried using the Brush Tool (with Mode Selected to Scale)? Just a heads up, you can’t scale out “a certain area” of a hair out of whim. You have to scale the guides. Then in turn, the hairs will interpolate the guides’ scale.


Thank you bentraje! After you mentioned that I started looking around and found the selection modes in the Hair section. I was trying to use the standard selection that defaults on the menu. I didn’t;t realize that there was special selection tools for the hair. Now it works!