select bind mesh from joint?


How could I find which mesh object is bind to the selected joint?
I tried to use the listConnections command to no luck. But I’m probably too tired to figure it out.
Please help.


For a smooth bind you could select some joints and do something like this:

import pymel.core as pm
joints = pm.selected(type='joint')
for j in joints:
	skinClusters = j.worldMatrix[0].connections(type='skinCluster')
	for s in skinClusters:
		geo = s.getGeometry()[0]
		print '%s influences %s via %s'%(j,geo,s)



Thanks for responding David.
I’m not familiar with Pymel. Any chance this could apply to Mel?


Yeah, just use listConnections on the worldMatrix[0] attribute to find the skinCluster, then use the skinCluster command to find the geometry.



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