"Select and Move/Rotate" options


This must be pretty simple but I cant figure it out.

Imagine I have 2 objects. I select one of them, right click on “Select and move” and see the coordinates of its pivot. I now select a second object in a completely different location and I want it to be placed on the same location as the first one.
What I do is copy/paste the X, Y and Z of the first using the “select and move” right click menu.

Isnt there a faster way?
What if I have 3 objects that I want to place on the same location as the first?
What if I am in Edit Poly/ Vertex mode and want to place several vertices on the same specific Z plane coordinate of some other vertex?


OK - all of this can be done from the transform coordinates type in box, or indeed the little box at the bottom of the screen, underneath the timeline.

When it comes to matching an object’s coordinates, I suggest usign the align tool - ‘alt-a’ - its much quicker.


And what is the difference between Offset and Absolute? I cant grasp the theory of it…Absolute I understand but offset? When should I use it?

Oh, and the align tool is amazing!! How the hell hadn’t I used it before?? :smiley:


And what about the question of the vertices:

[left]Imagine I want al the edge vertices (who I changed their X coordinates) to align to the top vertex X coordinate? The only way I can do it is one by one, is there a faster way?


Scale them along the x axis to 0%(hit F12) and then move them all together to the desired position.


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