select all animated Objects?


Is there a way to select all animated objects in a scene?
Maybe this is a silly question, but sorry, Im new to Mel and cant find anything!


It’s really hard. The problem is that there are many ways to animate:

  • Parents could be moving
  • CVs could be individually keyframed
  • Deformers can do just about anything
  • Expressions can drive anything curves can
  • Expressions can drive changes to deformer parameters that make CVs move without actually moving anything like a joint in space

The only FOOLPROOF way is to compare each CV one by one in all the frames in your animation, and if they don’t change, something isn’t animated.

However, if you have, say, a character rig, and you want to test to see whether someone’s been animating it by keying the controls, that’s somewhat easier. Just use listConnections on each control and look upstream for a time-based animation curve.

– Mark


one question about other way of select all the animated objects? i don´t test this workaround so i dont know if it work

can you select the time node an list connections? if you can do that the most connections will be animation curves and expresions, you only have to select the destination connections of this nodes


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