Segway type of rig


Hi peoplez

I recently had a request from a client on doing a robot that moves just like a Segway. At first I thought it would be an easy task to set up the controllers but I was mistaken. I believe I need a rig that can move along a spline as it will turn a lot. Problem is that a Segway turns by rotating it’s wheels at different speeds. The outer wheel spins faster than the inside one and so on. How do I possibly set something like that up?

Can anyone point me at the right direction or maybe offer me assistance? I just want to be able to move the robot around and not worry about the wheels so much as they will take care of them selfs.

Thanks in advance


See if this tank rig can help you.


wow, that tank rig is cool. Insane rigging skills.


would it be possible to set it up with dynamics and connectors? Is that the way to go?


Have not enough knowledge yet to say.


You could use the Base80 magic wheel to get the correct segway wheel rotation. This is a bit of clever matrix math that rotates a wheel correctly in P when it’s moved in 3D. You hide the base80 wheel in your model and connect its p rot to your wheel. In this file I connected the wheels inside the base80 XP, although you could do it other ways. You have to set the base wheel to the real wheel radius.


Should be easy enough to customise and tweak as necessary.


+1 for the base80 wheel, i’ve used variations on it over the last couple of years, it’s solid.


Thank you all for the useful tips and directions! The Base magic thingie is something else.