Sega Voyager, Games Console, Adrian Batour (3D)


Title: Sega Voyager, Games Console
Name: Adrian Batour
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, combustion

This is my design of a future games console. I’m a big Sega fan and took styles from the Saturn, Dreamcast & Cube. The pad has no wire because I think all consoles will be like Nintendo one day (hence the Wavebird logo).

The design was really free styled, looking at the games in my room, taking bits from all of them for ideas. Buttons, casings, ports and logo’s etc. There was no concept drawings. It ended up all having a cylindrical style. I like it. I wanted to make something original, after all Nintendo made the cube.

I guess what I’m looking for is critique on the textures and depth of field. Anything that can help make this a photo quality image.

This was made with 3DS Max 7 with Combustion.


I thik you should ask for feedback on the design itself.
I say so, since I believe you did a pretty nice job on it.
I like when people are creative in 3D :slight_smile:

The lighting looks original.
I know it is soft and simple, but the tonality on it is very nice.
It gives it a sense of vintage atari along the model itself and the selection of colors :slight_smile:

As for the textures, I should say that the hard console textures look great!

The imagemaps of the box look great.
I however have the sese that you applied the same hard texture of the console to the box.
Such thing is noticeable when watching the edges of the box, and comparing it with the console.
I don’t know if this was on purpose, and you intended to do a hard case.
I have the doubt since the lower part of the box has a jagged edge, very much as paper.
So, this contradiction makes me wonder about your real intention.

As for the DOF, it looks strange.
I don’t know if it was done in post, but I can see some ghost effect on the top part of the elements.
Such ghost is present even at the closer distance to the camera, such as the left part corner of the box, just on the left top part of the render.

I like the fact that you added some glass with the SEGA logo in the middle.

Overall, nice design, good lighting, and great hard texture on the console :slight_smile:


Very good! I like design :smiley:


I’ve found combustion depth of field is pretty naff. always leaves weird artifacts. Thanks for the crit. The box can do with some “lightening” to feel more like card than hard plastic.

here’s another angle:


Hopefully in future there won’t be only a scart connector but also a YUV :slight_smile:

Great design, great rendering. Looks very real to me.


the hand held controll unit looks abit blocky (not the bevels, but from an ergonomic point of view).
very nice, realistic work tho!


really nice and clean design:thumbsup:


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