Seeking for help - Artist for compositing, tracking, 3d modeling


Hello and wellcome.
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My friend and I have the idea of making short video code name “time freeze”. The first part is already made - footage is recorded, photo-references are prepared, now we’re looking for someone, who could help us to make the footage look as on the concepts.

Please note that all below pictures are made on shots that are to be used in our projects! Those are not inspirations from web. Those are single frames from our footages photospopped for reference for further compositing work. Footage was shot on Red Epic 5K camera.


Below im posting one of the scenes we managed to apply all the composing and 3D objects.





We have 16 different scenes, for every each there are few takes from different angles, so there are 31 files total.

What we’re offering is an opportunity to take a part in independent non-commercial production.
If you want to be a part of this ambitious project, please contact me on PM or leave mesage in this thread :slight_smile:




It looks like an interesting project to be part of. I am currently involved in other projects but I may have time for extra work and challenges. It all depends on your schedule and deadlines.

Please contact me to my email:

Feel free to visit my website:



You could find a freelance artist for compositing, tracking and 3D modeling at Upwork site you can just post there a job to tell about your project and they can help you find the right freelancers.


I am interested to be a part of this project. I also have a team of artists to execute such projects.
My website is and you may reach me on my email or alternatively whatsapp on +91 9920143965