Seeking advice on my portfolio


Hello, I am trying to get an opportunity in film or cinematic fields, I hope someone help me spot the week spots in my work.

My portfolio in here

I am still not sure whether to keep designing hard surface models or switch to create fully rendered scenes from concepts, is there an answer for
which area is easier to get a job? I know it’s all about the good work but yet most studios look for something specific.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Took a look at both portfolios. You have a nice amount of work and your work seems to be very consistent which is good.*

My first observation is that I would like to see you spend more time with each model and push it. From the outside you look to be cleanly getting to a finish, but the models are lacking a bit from FINISHING rather than pushing. for example I would like to see you spend time with different surfaces to sell the material indication through edge thickness what’s metal, whats composite material steel vs iron vs aluminum etc. A lot of your surfaces and details are pretty similar so sticking a thick material next to a thin material gives you a bit better contrast. Currently some of the designs feel more toy like because of the lack of this.

Try out Keyshot and show at least one uv textured model*

Are you looking for film work or game work? My suggestion would be to find some hard-surface work from a game or film and do a master study (Copy someones Concept) and really push yourself to match every surface thickness and pay a lot of attention to the small medium and high frequency detail and make sure there is a good sense of scale in each.

One of the best hard-surface designers I have ever worked with is George Hull! Take a look at these concepts below notice how there is a nice split between the size scale weight of the details. areas of detail areas of rest etc.*

One place this stands out in your own work is the hut scene where the leafy roofs are small and thin and add a lot of life to the scene. The trees look like you could have spent a few more hours to get them up to speed. If i had to guess your quick on getting FINiSHED which is a problem many artist actually have trouble with but for you I would say take more time you have the skill, just don’t get bored with it, find good reference and spend time with materials until they look like the material without a texture map

Here are some examples next to yours where you can see where edges, line, weight, details can help sell the scale or excitement of a piece*

Would love*to see any updates or new projects you start I think you have a lot of potential and would like to see you push yourself to reach it. I can give plenty of demo reel or portfolio advice but this would be the first step in that process. Please Keep me posted.


Thank you for your time and your feedback Travis, I needed your review to make sure my next piece will be better from the other.
From your feedback I think using concepts will make mores sense for either environments or models.

Good point on finishing quickly thing especially on the shading , it happened when you feel stuck and can’t figure out what to do more but hopefully as I am
developing I can manage to finish better.

Thanks for the references.
Again, appreciate your time and help.


No problem! you have a nice volume of work that enables someone to see your a hardworker and as you said maybe just a bit stuck. I think if you use a professional concept for your next piece and post updates here we can give you a hand with knowing where to push or develop. 6 tp 9 months of focus on 2 to 3 pieces and youll have a new reel and be very hirable!*


Thank you very much,The time manner you mentioned is important too as I plan to produce more, but sure thing I have to be realistic on my goal and do it the right way.
Posting here is a great idea will do for sure.

Appreciate you kindness.