Seeking advice in making roads in province converted from LiDAR


I’m currently on a journey of creating a province in 3D. The location would be used in a MMO racing game I’d like to develop.*
It would be low poly and resembling racing games of 1996-1998.*
The problem is that I don’t know how to approach this and I’m in need of some assistance, tips or tricks of how to do it.*
I’d like to ask you guys of how you would do it? I’m inexperienced in 3D modeling and programming but I strongly desire this.*
Can you help me?
Tell me a procedure of how I should go on and do this cause I have no clue how to continue.*


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I would start with the most basic of Blender tutorials. 3D modeling is an art form. Just like any other art form, it takes practice and dedication to get somewhere. Even for 1998 style graphics. Also, an MMO is probably way out of a beginner’s league.

Start small.


I’ve been thinking of ways of how to do it. But everything I thought of is kind of eccentric.
There’s a way to do this… I know height maps isn’t one. And I think I wouldn’t be able to do much with my knowledge of curve and array modifiers.
Can you share me any idea of how to do this?
It would take a lot of time to learn 3D modelling and all the tricks and ways of craftmenship by following tutorials.
I just need a specific way of how to do this one thing.


still need help with this