Seeking 2D Artists for Space Base-building Game


Hi all!

I am a game designer working with a team to create a game similar to No Man’s Sky/Astroneer/Satisfactory. We have been working for well over a year now on this project and have a small but dedicated international team working remotely via Discord.

The game is a base-builder and shooter, with interplanetary travel, class-based, co-op combat, and some story elements. There is a demo build available and it is created using UE4, and later 5 when possible.

We are currently well into production but are at a roadblock with the art we currently have and therefore require some 2D artists to design and draw assets that will be then made into 3D models and animated. These will have to be created with enough detail for either yourself or other artists to draw inspiration from/translate into different assets in future, but you will be given ample freedom to design within the defined scope.

We maintain a high level of quality for our artwork and the art will be reviewed by other artists as well as ran by the designers for approval. We are happy to work together to get to the best iteration, but you will have a lot creative freedom in terms of the designs and style.

You may use whatever program to paint that you like.

At this time, the project is in proposed rev-share, and as such we are unable to provide compensation at this time, but everyone on the team is committed to contributing despite this.

Additional Details
Communication and feedback are important to us and we are happy to take suggestions. Hours are flexible and we understand that especially during this period, it can be difficult to find time for projects such as this. The requirement in terms of hours per week/month are just that we see regular progress with the assets creation.
Hours are tracked via Clockify to both ensure we move forward at a steady rate and also to enable compensation in future once that becomes available.

Description of Art Needed
Here is a more specific list of what we need in order of importance:

Icons and miscellaneous GUI-related art
Concept Art for 3D assets (weapons, buildings, creatures, technology, vehicles)
Concept for environments
Map tiles
Map sprites (key objects, characters, enemies, resources, etc.)

If you’re interested, reply to this post or send a pm and I can share our discord and direct you to the leads for further discussion! I aim to reply as soon as I can. Thanks! :grin: