Seeking 2d artist for conceptual art - Video Games


Hello and thank you for reading! we are looking for a conceptual 2d artist for video games creation. Modelling is not a requirement, we have 2 modellers that can produce from your drawings, we are just looking for a highly talented indivual that is progressive and eager to get a career started doing what you love best. . . drawing!

All aspects would be preferred, by that I mean natural beings (like humanoids, quadraped animals, fantasy/horror/sci-fi based characters), hard surface (space ships, buildings, vehicles, props, clothing/armor) & interior/exterior architecture (environment details, sculptures, etc.)

Creativity is a must, and my team would love to see your works and talk to you live! Skype is preferred (free software . . dont be shy lol) and we are very oragnized in our efforts.

A bit about us: we are in our 30’s and are progressively building video games, looking to take on the big bad world of CG and form our own design studio. We are looking to do all aspects of games, FPSs, RPGs, Actions, Strategies (rts & turn based) and puzzle style games too (tomb raider style).

I’m skilled in modelling and basic animation, as well game engine programming and handling in Unity. My cohort is best skilled at modelling and working with unreal 3d.

We are both eager to make a career out of this, so I formally ask you to please bring dedication and hunger to the table, we are not looking for kids that would rather blow off a career to hang out & get drunk on the weekend.

Thanks again for reading this, I do hope to hear from you soon!


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