See and Critique my Animation Please....


Hello everyone:

This is my first post here, Id like to show you guys my animation that I just finish with one of the 10 second clubs sound clip, and here it is:

Please feel free to critique it. THANK YOU.


Really nice. I realize this is just a demo clip but you should cut out the frames at the begining where he’s moving from base pose sort of distracting. I like the concept and the animation is superb


I must say: It is a perfect animation !
His expressions are amazing, great job !


Ahh! Yes colekindred, I forgot to cut off those 5 frames.

Thank you guys for your comments I apreciate them, they make me feel motivate to keep working in this difficult profession.

Thanks. David U.Chiu


Really good expressions, the only thing I would suggest is to remind you that in reality visuals always leads the sound, i.e. you want to offset your lipsync animation 1 or 2 frames before the actual sound comes out.


Thank holbroal OK.

Yes sometimes its a little hard to match exactly de sound with the animation, Ill keep in mind for my next piece.

David Chiu.


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