Secret Apprentice, Manny Llamas (3D)


Title: Secret Apprentice
Name: Manny Llamas
Country: USA
Software: mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, XSI

Here is Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice I created for the game “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”.
This is one of the many costumes Galen Marek, aka “Starkiller” wore as he hunted down Jedi for Lord Vader.
For this render I remodeled the head other sections and up-rezed my low poly in-game mesh, since none of the high poly mudbox / z brush sculpts contain any UV information.
It was tricky keeping the UVs intact throughout the mesh while up-rezing the polys on hard edges, but still was much faster than re UV mapping to already created textures.
Rendered in xsi w/ mental ray, effects, vader and touch ups in photoshop.
The idea for the image was to show the Apprentice unleashing the over the top force powers seen in the game.
Hope you enjoy it! =)


The design of all characters in this game is simply awesome!!
Every unlocked attire is just beautiful.
nothing less than 5* from me.:thumbsup:

Please show as many as you can :smiley:


Wow great character and dynamics! Can we see some w.i.p? 5* for me by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


wow good one!


so amazing. wonderful work. i like it so much. cool guy


beautiful work, the composition is fantastic :slight_smile:


5* stars from me! played the game a while ago and the modeling-texturing and all the scenes are top-notch


great composition, the lighting and colour contrast really adds to it.



Very cool, great composition!


Great work!

Could you tell us more about the piece?



Awesome! Anunusual hair cut too for a Jedi/Sith. And does the apprentice kill Oshoka, Anakin’s previous apprentince?


Wow man! I love it, great work.

***** from me


Very cool! Loved the game, Finally the chance to run around and beat the sith into everything.:stuck_out_tongue:


A little off topic, but not really seeing it is related to games, 3d and game art and as artists we need to understand what our art is a part of .

With that said I think it’s nessessary to explore human behavior and understand the good and bad side of what humanity is. The sad part about that is when you visit your 12 year old Nephew over the Holidays and find him playing the role of a Dark Jedi on XBox 360 and he’s laughing as he uses his Jedi Powers to torture characters before he smashes them against the floor. Probably shouldn’t have, but it surprised me that a Star Wars game would allow that type of action.

Anyway, its nothing new to the teachings of our species, it’s out there everyday.
At least in the end we know Darth Vader found a way back from the Dark Side.

Back to the topic at hand:

Nice work, My only critigue is Darth Vader has been around for a long time and maybe he’s lost some of his luster but I think the image doesn’t show him as manacingly as it could. If I understand (I haven’t been following the story lately) the time frame of the game, then this would be Darth Vaders darkest hours. I think Darth should be darker, more sinister, more angry…

Thanks for posting your work,



[left]love the art and game, this is great work, and congrats to the plug.


Awesome work Manny !!

5 starz


All I can say is that I really, really, REALLY enjoyed your game, sir. Great job in all counts! Can’t wait for the sequel!


Awesome!:buttrock: i like a lot,just simple and great,5 stars


This is all well and good, but can you play mario kart?


No Adam, you’re still the champion of mario cart. :bowdown:

Hey, I remember rigging those 2 characters…over and over and over again!
Is this the final design? hehe.

Nice work Manny!